(Note from Screenwriting Staffing Founder, Jacob N. Stuart). “Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay.” –  Benjamin Disraeli. VERY TRUE. I have found over the years as a screenwriter and small business owner, that publicity IS and ALWAYS will be the only way to succeed in this industry. My first film I made, which launched my career, caused a lot of heads to rattle. While I was urged by many professors and mentors not to start my career off w/ a screenplay that debated politics, religion, and social issues, it actually worked in my favor. The film was cited/written in national publications, radio broadcasts, and even some TV time. And I think that’s when I learned, publicity, regardless of what kind of publicity, is the the MOST important part of your career.

So I decided to catch up with my friends John and Katie Stellar out of Los Angeles. John and Katie are the co-founders of Everyone’s PR “Pay for Results, Not Promises.” Everyone’s PR is a service that allows virtually everyone with a business or public presence (screenwriters) to attract new customers and fans through attention by the media and industry influencers. 

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “Why would a screenwriter need a Publicist?” 

Everyone’s PR: “One of the main reasons is that every great screenwriter wants to begin building a support team around him/her as soon as possible. The majority of people find it difficult to “sell themselves” and an efficient publicist is a professional who can help tell your story powerfully, connect new dots and open doors through networking for your career.”

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “PR isn’t FREE. So what should a screenwriter look for in a Publicist?”

Everyone’s PR: “The first quality to look for is Passion. Is the PR person passionate about their life and work? And most important do they show some passion for your screenwriting abilities? Do you have a natural connection with the publicist and does it seem like they authentically resonate with your vision for screenwriting and your work?

There are many PR professionals and firms that will happily take your money and you need to do your best to determine if there is a real connection for long term collaboration with them/their firm. And before signing any PR service agreement make sure to ask yourself “Do I really like this Publicist or PR firm?” If the answer is not a definitive YES do yourself and your career a favor…keep on looking for the right fit for this important member of your team.”

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “Is the theory that “negative” PR is still “good” PR still accurate?”

Everyone’s PR: “For years people have reasoned that any/all publicity (even negative) is still good publicity and it is true to some extent. Even negative focus on a company is attention for them and if it is all negative it will eventually take a negative toll.

During the past 22 years of providing PR service we have actually seen that it can be helpful to have a book or film considered “controversial” to bring attention to it. For example, we are still best known as the PR team that helped launch The Secret (book and DVD in 2006-2007) and it got labeled “controversial” just enough people to help fuel a “media frenzy” and give it a huge amount of global attention.”

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “Can a Publicist put you in contact w/ producers and industry professionals? If so, can you give an example?”

Everyone’s PR: “Yes, an efficient Publicist who is passionate and connected to your work and vision will be able to make contact with producers and industry people in a variety of different ways.

One recent example of a helpful connection we were able to make for an author client of ours was connecting him with Oscar Winning screenwriter Barry Morrow (creator/screenwriter for Rain Man). Our client had written his memoir about growing up Autistic in the 1950’s and 1960’s before it was a known thing. This ended up being the ideal type of story for Mr. Morrow and he had access to many things, including financing, that were a big help to our client making his story into a film.”

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “For screenwriters, who are the most important people in this industry that writers should foster a relationship with?”

Everyone’s PR: “In general, you really do want to have great relationships with every quality person you meet in the Entertainment industry as it is a very small, essentially tight knit community. That said, some of the most important people for screenwriters to foster relationships with are development executives, directors and producers as these are the people who have the “keys” to having scripts made into feature films, television shows and web based series.”

SCREENWRITING STAFFING: “What’s the worst thing a screenwriter can do in today’s industry that could scar their career for life?”

Everyone’s PR: “Our sense is that the greatest harm a screenwriter could do to his/her career is to be caught trying to pass someone else’s copyrighted material off as his/her own. This kind of news would get around the Entertainment industry quickly and would severely limit or cut off opportunities for future screenwriting projects.

And so the best thing you can do is BE yourself, BE creative, and BE true to the dream and vision that you hold as a screenwriter regardless of what medium you prefer to write for.”

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