Hollywood is a competitive business and it’s a relationship business. It’s not fair but that’s how it is. Use a strategy that’s been proven to work, develop your relationships, and leverage them. That’s how you become a full-time, successful, professional screenwriter.


“To be fair, I think the British Film Industry is more aware of this than Hollywood which is possibly why there is growing interest in screenplays written by people of a certain age. Something which brings me nicely back to my previous point about experience and authenticity.

Personally, I’d be more than happy to carry on writing within the ‘age’ genre for as long as someone would want to employ me.”

“Short scripts keep me inspired. They are great to tackle when the thought of creating a 90 minute movie eludes me. They have added writing credit to my IMDb and resume. Short scripts have paid my rent before. They have fostered relationships with industry pros that I’m still banking on today. While “short”, successful short scripts have put me in the limelight, and while small, automatically adds proof and authenticity to my screenwriting testimony and resume.”