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 RE-WRITE, PILOT. CBP is seeking a writer familiar with sitcoms to re-write an existing pilot. This is a PAID position, with half paid upfront. CBP is based on the East Coast, so the theme of the pilot has East Coast themes. Those from the East Coast are encouraged to apply. But we will accept all applicants from Screenwriting Staffing. Genre: Drama.

DRAMEDY SCREENPLAYS. Need script(s) that combine drama and comedy. Looking for scripts that specifically have a tragic ending. I’m NOT looking for TV scripts or shorts. Feature scripts ONLY; page length should be at least 90. Putting 3 scripts on my roster to be approved by my investor. More details to come. I need loglines and synopsis first. WGA Rates.

​​HIGH CONCEPT, LOW BUDGET SCRIPTS. Production Company, based out of Asia, seeks high concept scripts that take place in 1-2 locations. Character count should NOT exceed 3. All genres are accepted, minus horror. Every screenwriter who submits needs to submit a synopsis first. Negotiate buyout will be put in place for selected screenplay.​

COMEDY WRITER. My new film is in the early stages of development. We have a very powerful story with great characters. I’m looking for somebody to strictly write stand up comedy jokes. Send me your routines and I will talk specific details with you. WGA RATES.

SHORT SCRIPTWRITER, SHORT SCRIPTS. OBP is seeking a short scriptwriter. I am a filmmaker in Los Angeles, looking for a talented writer to collaborate on a character driven dark drama/neo noir short script. I am interested in raw and emotional material, female protagonists, and intimate rather than broad, large-scale storytelling.  My idea would be to develop a script with the writer, although if you have scripts already written in the realm I am looking for, I would be interested in those as well. This is a fully-paid position.

SHORT SCREENPLAYS, ANY GENRE. 2BKP, based out of Los Angeles, is seeking a short script that has limited locations, and a VERY small cast. Compensation will be negotiated (up to 1,000 USD). Scripts should NOT exceed 15 pages. Please start with sending us a logline and an excerpt from the script. Put “SHORT SCREENPLAY” in subject line.

COMEDY SCREENWRITER. Seeking a writer who excels in comedy. Please be based out of the US. I’m a TV producer who works for a public access channel and I’m looking to produce a new comedy show. You will be assisting me with story development. Those in the Washington D.C. are are encouraged to apply, but will allow anyone to work remotely. Please list me your rate.

COMEDY, THRILLER, OR DRAMA SCRIPTS. RNGF  seeking very limited location feature scripts. Scripts should be character-driven. Genre of choice: Comedy, Thriller, and/or Drama. Production to start in 2015. Release/Distribution in 2016. Script will be purchased. Send us a logline, any awards the script has won, and a treatment (if you have one).

NEED SCREENWRITER, INDIAN FILM. Looking for any Indian screenwriters that SS may have in their network for an upcoming fiction series we have planned. It’s important the writer is based out of India (preferably new delhi or be willing to relocate if hired as the job will require constant collaboration). We will come to a mutual agreement on compensation.

SHORT SCRIPTS. Writers can send resume and logline, synopsis to us via e-mail. If we are interested we will request the script at a later date. The Director has one feature under her belt and also will be shooting another feature Summer 2015. We are going with a short to showcase the talents of a wonderful young theater actress we have come across. We are open to genres but looking for something powerful and unique that will really captivate the audience.

Scripts should be based in the UK (or can be shot in the UK). Cast size and locations will NOT exceed 2. Scripts can NOT be any longer than 10 pages. Did I mention this was ultra low-budget? I will MOST definitely compensate you fully for the short script. Please follow my requests.

WGA LITERARY AGENCY SEEKS FAITH-BASED SCRIPTS. SBA is seeking faith-based screenplay submissions. SS has ZERO tolerance for writers who do NOT follow instructions when it comes to submitting to Agents. She is interested in reading scripts with screenplay coverage first. She does not care if the coverage got a “pass”, just as long it’s from a reputable service.

HIGH CONCEPT FEATURES. Currently me and my producing partner are looking for scripts with budgets around the 500k mark. Level of experience isn’t important; concept and structure of script is most important. Do NOT send scripts, only send loglines/synopsis at this time. GENRE: Horror and Sci-Fi. Buyout/Option Agreement.

SCREENWRITER WANTED ASAP. HWF is seeking a screenplay writer to start ASAP. At the moment, we have a few ideas up in the air that we wish to work on in the near future, spanning from a crime/drama style to a dark/suspense. Please attach a resume and any additional questions. Payment based on experience.

KOREAN SHORTS. Korean prod. company seeks short scripts that are in Korean that take place in S. Korea. Budget should NOT exceed 15G. Location and character count are not important. Send loglines. Purchase price: $300.SCRIPT EDITOR/FORMATTING WANTED, SOUTH FLORIDA. I am in search of a screenwriter (from Miami or South Florida) to edit and review my feature-length screenplay. The person MUST be from S. Florida; there is NO exceptions. Please send samples.

LOW-BUDGET COMEDY SCRIPTS. Independent producer is seeking limited location and cast “comedy” scripts. NO other genre will be accepted at this time. Scripts that cater to the “indie” market are preferred. Please send a standard query letter. Purchase agreement will be put in place.

PAID SCREENWRITING COLLABORATING PARTNER. You MUST send me some writing samples – NO exceptions. Please be interested in government conspiracy/dystopian/v for vendetta themes. I’m looking for someone who loves plotting out stories, solving character problems, creating them… etc. This is a PAID partnership, but please do NOT quote me some outrageous fee. My plan is to create an installment plan for the writer.

ALL GENRES, ESPECIALLY FEMALE LEADS. IFF is seeking all genres, but specifically thriller, romance, drama and comedy. If your screenplay has a female lead that’s a HUGE plus. Please ONLY send loglines at this time.

TEEN BOY SCRIPTS. DPE is seeking scripts that star a boy between the ages of 13-16. The script must be rated G or PG. Scripts that take place in the South are preferred, but we will review all qualified submissions. Budget will NOT exceed 1M. ​

LOW-BUDGET SCI-FI, HORROR, DARK COMEDY. IFM ONLY accepts low-budget features. MUST be 90 pages. We ONLY accept a logline and 1-2 page synopsis via e-mail. Please allow up to 60 days for a response. Any screenplay sent without permission will be unopened and deleted. Genre we are accepting: Sci-fi, Horror, Dark Comedy. Buyout will be 45G+.

SCI-FI SCRIPTS, STRONG FEMALE LEAD. MA is seeking sci-fi scripts that feature a strong female lead between the ages of 32-35. Story needs to be universal and characters must have range. Budget will NOT exceed 500K. Financiers are a part of the government in Baja, Mexico, so if the script promotes Baja in a positive way (whales, stars, ocean, forests, desert, etc.) this would be a HUGE plus. When submitting, please include a logline, synopsis, and short bio for consideration.

INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE FILMS. OC is an independent production company specializing in films with inspirational, philosophical, and/or universal spiritual themes. Additionally, we partner with other production companies, financiers, and philanthropists to create films that have national and international appeal. We want: Personal Transformation • Biopics • Fantasy • Coming-of-Age; No Sports, Religion or violence. Budget will NOT exceed 2M. For screenwriters: please submit log lines, a synopsis or documentary outlines right away.

HORROR SCREENWRITER. Looking for a screenwriter to create a detailed outline for a horror feature to go into production in 2015. Looking for the script to include at least one female character. We want to keep the budget minimal, so 1 locations are preferred: house, woods, mountains, etc. This job starts immediately at is full PAID.

SCREENPLAY/TREATMENT WRITER. CS is seeking a treatment and first draft on a feature film. This project starts ASAP with a more than fair FLAT RATE. Location does not matter at this time. Send resume, writing samples, and links to work.

ALL GENRES, ESPECIALLY FEMALE LEADS. IFFL is seeking all genres, but specifically thriller, romance, drama and comedy. If your screenplay has a female lead that’s a HUGE plus. Please ONLY send loglines at this time. Option/Buyout.

SPORTS SCREENPLAYS. OCVA is seeking scripts. Last year we optioned a script which is now in pre-production. Seeking next screenplay – think: Field of Dreams, Mr. Destiny, Defending Your Life, The Natural, etc. Budget: $2.5 – 4M.  Max. (3) locations & (4) major roles. Please submit log line or synopsis (please understand proper query letter formatting). We focus on a niche market with a wide audience.

AUSTRALIAN SCREENWRITERS. We are seeking Australian screenwriters for an upcoming film that will be shot in parts of Western Australia. We are NOT seeking screenwriters from anywhere else. Please submit a feature-length script for consideration. Note: we are not seeking to BUY scripts; this is only used to determine if you have the style we are looking for. WGA rates will apply.

SCI-FI, MICRO-BUDGET SCRIPTS. CMP is looking for a micro budget sci-fi feature screenplay. Budget will NOT exceed 100G. NO more than 3-4 actors, and ideally 1 location. ONLY send a thorough logline and synopsis via e-mail. I will respond only to the applicants I wish to pursue.

SERIES SCRIPTWRITER. IGP seeks writers with screenwriting experience for audio books/scripts along the lines of Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. We have people from around the globe participating, so don’t let your accent or location detour you.  As long as you have an internet connection, access to quality recording equipment and can write understandable English you can join. PAID positions available.

DRAMEDY SCREENWRITER. BBE is looking for a screenwriter who can write similar to Sex and the City, Girlfriends, and Being Mary Jane. Your job duty will be to revise episodes already written for a web-series. We will ONLY accept applicants that have a proven track record with writing for episodic web-series/TV. This is a PAID position that starts ASAP.

FRENCH SCREENWRITER. Please ONLY apply if you fit the following criteria. NZ is seeking a French screenwriter who is based out of Paris. You must have produced commercials to your name. This position is for a web spot for a French band. If you have directing experience, please list that in your inquiry.

EXPERIMENTAL SHORT SCREENPLAY. UK director, with an arsenal of UK talent, is seeking a short script in one of the following categories: Comedy or Drama. Scripts with a UK theme are preferred. If your short is chosen, you must be willing to allow your script to be tailored to fit production’s needs. Scripts should be no longer than 15 pages. Script(s) chosen will be bought, with the chance on back-end points, too.

SIMPLE SHORT SCRIPT. Cinematographer is seeking a simple short script to shoot. Script should be under 10 pages, less than 3 locations, and preferably a daytime story. Genre of choice is DRAMA, but will review any story with a compelling twist. Will pay for script. For now, ONLY send loglines.

SPECIFIC DRAMA SHORTS. JP is looking for short screenplays based on south Asian /Indian people settled in the USA. We prefer a LOVE story, but are open to other interesting ideas. Send pitches, NOT scripts. Compensation is negotiable.

FLYOVER STATE SCRIPTS. We are seeking scripts in the vein of “Nebraska”. We are only seeking submissions that can be shot in the “flyover” states. We are accepting submissions from WGA an NON-WGA writers. Do NOT send full script; only send us a logline and synopsis – no attachments.

FAITH-BASED FILMS ONLY. BS is a new production company seeking completed feature-length faith-based screenplays. DO NOT send us anything that isn’t faith-based. We are only seeking loglines at this time. Please no the difference between a “logline” and “synopsis”. Royalties and compensation will be discussed if your script is chosen. Contact our submission department.

SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS. M&C is seeking script submissions with a release form. Scripts must be in standard screenplay format. All scripts must be sent via snail mail. If you are in the New York City area, we will accept in-person deliveries. We do NOT accept e-mail submissions. ALL genres are accepted at this time.

SCREENPLAYS REQUIRED. BSFC is seeking screenplays for production. Genre Needed: thriller, crime, mystery, family drama, and horror. Preferred Location: Rural Country, Oceanside, Upper Class House, Farm Land, & Tropical Rainforest. Send over logline and concept for consideration.

UK MYSTERY FEATURE SCRIPTS. We are ONLY seeking mystery-themed and/or dark comedy screenplays. ALL other pitches will be DELETED. Each e-mail should accompany a proper query letter: log line, synopsis, short bio. ONLY scripts that can be made in the UK. Budget has not yet been established, but it will be “moderate”.

SEEKING SCREENWRITER (2 PROJECTS). OWS has just been rebuilt and expanded, and now is the largest studio complex in San Diego, and we currently have two opportunities. We have a small non-profit school called ‘School for Creative Careers’. We are going to start doing seminars involving students in a simulated live television environment and we need to template the dialogue for a 30 minute broadcast done in the mode of Saturday Night Live. Also, the owner has written a rock musical and has gotten interest, but needs to rewrite and condense it. This includes dialogue, editing, and lyrics. Looking for someone with theatrical, scriptwriting dramatist experience to assist in this project as well.

​SCRIPT DOCTOR. I am currently seeking an experienced Script Doctor, preferably someone based in Germany, but will accept ALL applicants. The short script (15 pages) focuses on LGBT Issues, Religion, & Family.

SCREENWRITER FOR FEATURE. GENRE: Comedy & Drama. The feature screenwriter MUST also understand Christian culture and Bible. This is a PRO-Christian film, so those w/ similar beliefs are encouraged to apply. PAY will be determined based on experience/credits.

SCREENWRITER, COMEDY SERIES. Location Requirements: Los Angeles, CA and/or Charlotte, NC. You must be knowledgeable of internet memes, video game references and generally being tech savvy is required. Being knowledgeable of 90s cult shows is required. You MUST be able to prove past screenwriting experience.

SHORT SCRIPT(S). SCP is seeking short scripts for production. Goal: Hit the film festival market for 2015. We are open to ANY genre. Send us a pitch before the script(s). PAYMENT: 650+.

LGBT SCREENPLAY, FEMALE LEAD. Private Company is seeking specific scripts that are LGBT centered w/ ONLY a female lead (meaning NO male leads). Scripts we like: ‘I Can’t Think Straight’, & ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’. Send a 1 sentence logline a 1 paragraph synopsis first. PAYING 45G for script.

BUYING SHORT SCRIPTS. Seeking shorts that are no longer than 15 mins. Budget or Genre does not matter. Do NOT send me your bio. Either send me your logline or script. Your project will get made, and you will MOST definitely be paid for the script.​

HUMOR SCREENWRITER. Need someone to start right away. Those in LA encouraged to apply. You must have comedy samples to send. This project is PAID and you will be working on an existing TV series.

COMEDY OR HORROR SCRIPTS. Spanish LA Producer seeks scripts in the comedy and/or horror genre. Scripts must be feature-length (please include page count). Producer wishes to ONLY receive scripts that can be made in SPANISH. Send a proper query letter. Compensation will be discussed w/ scriptwriter.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT GIG. SE is in need of (three) 3-minute screenplays. Each screenplay has a given topic. For example, one of the topics is a teenager reunites with her family after spending years in the human trafficking industry. The company has its own writer’s agreement. The main points are: 50% compensation at the beginning and 50% compensation upon completion and satisfaction. ​

​COMEDY SCREENWRITER. Private Company is looking for talented professionals who know how to use humor to create engaging scripts for our videos. We’re especially looking for folks with expertise in science. An understanding of writing for video – background in screenwriting is mandatory. Be prepared to show your cover letter, resume, and Linked In profile. FANTASTIC PAY. ​

​”COP” SCRIPTS. We are ONLY seeking scripts that the focus are around COPS. Do NOT submit anything else at this time. Scripts we enjoy: End of Watch, Training Day, The Town. Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama. For now, ONLY submit logline, synopsis, and bio. WGA and NON-WGA may apply.

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED. I own a boutique production company in New England. I am looking to add 2 more shorts to my slate for ’15. A flat rate for each script will be discussed, and you will get full writing credit. You WILL need to be willing to work w/ the director. ANY genre is accepted. Budget of script(s) will NOT exceed 20G. INCLUDE: Title, Logline, and # of Pages. ​

“HUMAN STORY “PLAYS”. Genre: 1-act comedies, dramas, or musicals. Cast size can NOT be more than 9. All plays must be contemporary. NO period pieces. DO NOT send us screenplays, only stage plays. Will pay a set price for play, and you will receive a profit of ticket sales. ​
AFRICAN AMERICAN ANIMATION SCRIPTS. This is a specific request from a private company. Atlanta-based company is seeking animation scripts that STAR an African American child in the film. Genre is open. Script purchase will be be for 5 figures, w/ a 3 month option period. Include your logline and bio.

​LOW-BUDGET FEATURE SCRIPTS. AAP seek ONLY completed screenplays. No concepts or treatments will be accepted. We have completed a script search w/ Screenwriting Staffing before. So if you have already submitted a logline and you did NOT hear back, please do NOT re-submit. However, you may submit another logline. Follow our guidelines on our submission page. No scripts, just loglines. ONLY 1 logline per writer. PURCHASE agreement based on screenplay.

​SCRIPT FORMATTING. Short script, approximately 10 pages, needs some minor formatting. The script is already in Final Draft, but needs a second pair of eyes to fix any formatting errors. Payment will be done through Pay Pal.

​​BUYING SCRIPTS. LDE is currently accepting feature-length submissions. This is what EACH submission MUST include: 1 logline. ONLY a 1 paragraph synopsis. Title, your full name, and an e-mail to reach you. It can take up to 4 weeks for a response. Review our web-site for our taste of genre. Both WGA and NON WGA may apply.

​COMMERCIAL SCRIPTS. RM is currently seeking commercial scripts. Please attach the script(s) or provide a brief pitch. We are ONLY seeking commercial spot scripts, so NO longer than 5 pages. E-mail Feel free to submit more than 1 script at a time. PAID OPTTY.

SCREENPLAY SUBMISSIONS. ESP is currently seeking any applicable screenplays, scripted hour long tv series, or novels to be adapted, submitted and evaluated to help attach financing and then produce the selected material internally. Compare to: Memento, Fight Club, Amélie, Wristcutters, Requiem for a Dream, Breaking Bad, & Mad Men,. Budget: Focusing on evaluating material to be fully produced for under $3 million dollars (U.S.) at the current moment.

THE NEXT “INCEPTION” SCRIPT. Seeking Features & Shorts. We are an Asian-based company seeking a screenplay that’s a Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller. We are big fans of Chris Nolan, so any screenplay that resembles that style (like an INCEPTION) we WANT to read. I am an investor and my partner is the Director of Production.

ANIMATION KIDS SCRIPTS. Do you have an animation script that can be made on a moderate budget? Currently seeking animation scripts to take into immediate production. I am NOT looking for any scripts that you think “may make a good animation”. Scripts MUST already be written for animation. Scripts MUST be for a kids audience.

SCREENPLAYS WANTED, DRAMA. Looking for screenplays that can be made on a very low budget. That means: no special effects, limited locations, VERY small cast size. Genre of interest: Drama, Dark Comedy. This is great for someone looking to see their work produced. Will review newer writers. Contact w/ pitch. Pay based on script.

CREATIVE SCRIPTWRITER. Seeking a scriptwriter who understands shorts, especially ones UNDER 5 mins. This will be for a web-series that will run continually. The scripts should be more visual than dialogue. MUST be able to work closely w/ director. Send your resume and samples. PAY TBD.

TALENTED SCREENWRITERS WANTED. VV Film & Media is looking for 2x talented Screenwriters to join our team and collaborate on developing the script for our next, very exciting, female web series project called RISK. This project provides screenwriters the opportunity to develop new,unconventional female roles filled with strength, depth of character and charisma rarely seen in other productions

CONTEMPORARY SCREENPLAYS WANTED. GDP is seeking to buy feature-length thrillers, dramas, and comedies to take into immediate production. We will also accept documentaries and shorts. ONLY completed scripts that are formatted correctly. Please send: log line, synopsis, and bio. NO scripts.

​SEEKING SCREENWRITER ASAP. KF seeks experienced screenwriter to co-write with produced writer/director for their next feature film. The genre is paranormal romance (i.e. Warm Bodies, Ghost) and feature script draft already completed but needs a polish and structural adjustments to the story. Seeking writer who excels at telling love stories, can bring a female perspective to the script, has a mastery of the screenwriting craft on a technical level, able to identify script issues, and offer thoughtful solutions. Budget is limited but payment is commensurate to experience. Writing samples recommended for evaluation. SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM FOR DIRECT CONTACT ​​

SCRIPT WITH DOGS. Our company is set to produce our 2nd feature-length script. Budget is already set, and investors are on board. Stipulation: Must incorporate dogs in a positive and fun way. Purchase price will be negotiated w/ the writer once we are green-lit by our investor.

COMEDY & HORROR SCREENPLAY SUBMISSIONS. Comedy: “fish out of water”, where protagonist is either an American, stuck in Russia (Caucasus more specifically) or vs. vs. in America. Clash of cultures and knowledge of screenwriting and the North Caucasus Regions of Russia is a must. Horror: a character horror film a la “Chainsaw Massacre” or “The Nightmare on Elm Street”. NOTE: One page only and character horror, crossover comedy (Russia America), familiarity of Caucasus region of Russia is preferred.

COMEDY, DRAMA SCREENWRITER. What I need: A treatment, character bible, 2 full scripts, and a set of pitches. The ideas and concepts are there, I just need a screenwriter experienced in comedy and drama to translate it to a marketable script. What I would prefer: Someone who has an Asian background, and someone who lives in Northern CA (Bay Area). This is not required, but would be ideal. This is a well-paying job, starts ASAP!

LOOKING FOR SCREENPLAYS. NYC-based production company dedicated to multicultural artists, is currently accepting submissions of screenplays of short and feature film lengths for potential future productions. We are looking for comedies and dramas written by multicultural screenwriters and/or containing one or more of the following elements:multicultural characters, voice of the underdogs, social justice, identity, belonging. To be included with you submission: Synopsis, Bio and/or resume, treatment (if you have one).

CO-SCREENWRITER. We need a screenwriter to come on board and work on an existing script/idea. The writer must understand we are pretty firm w/ how we want the story, and we expect the writer to respect and follow our boundaries.We are looking to start as soon as Spring of 2015. Send samples and resume. If you have a Facebook, please attach as well. Compensation will be discussed.

ANY GENRE FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPTS. CPP is seeking compelling screenplays. Location or character count do not matter. What does matter is a good plot. Any genre will be accepted at this time. Please send a logline, samples, and any professional work experience. Note: Treatments will also be accepted.

SEEKING DRAMA, HORROR, COMEDY SCRIPTS. SFP, based out of New York, seeks original screenplays for their production slate in 2015. Genre: Drama, Horror, Comedy. WGA rates apply. We are also accepting web-series submissions. If you have a strong online presence, please tell us in your query.

LOOKING FOR SCREENWRITER. My story was just given a copyright and now I would like to have it become a screenplay. I live in Brooklyn and would like to work with a screenplay writer to have it become a movie. It is the story of my husband’s cousins in Brooklyn and the U.K. and their friends and their exploits and adventures. Send me your bio and resume.

SEEKING SHORT SCRIPTS. Bournemouth University student is looking for 2-3 min scripts (no longer) for a graduation project. B/c this is a student film, all I can offer is copy, credit, and exposure Script WILL get made. Please get in touch if you are interested:

SCREENWRITER, DIALOGUE. We have a thriller with moral conflicts between justice and religion. The frame is already done. Just need dialogue. Please be a writing wizard when it comes to adding dialogue to our script. Paid job, contact for more info. Samples, Resumes preferred.

HORROR SCREENWRITER. DSC is seeking an accomplished screenwriter who has experience writing horror screenplays. You will be working directly with the producers, and then you will be hired to write a short script that will be used to attract investors. Pay will be discussed with chosen writer.

TV SCRIPTWRITER. We are looking for a comedic writer with experience in reality/lifestyle television. We are producing a half hour comedic travel show and are greatly in need of a writer. This is a non-union but PAID job.

SCI-FI SCREENWRITER. DBF seeks a sci-fi screenwriter to help write a sci-fi thriller script. We are looking to start development in October, w/ a finished product by December. All interested applicants MUST send over script samples or published work. This is a well-paying position. S

CRIME SCRIPTS ONLY. Italian Production Company seeks screenplays dealing w/ crime and gangsters. Do NOT send us anything else. We are seeking original scripts that we can turn in to a web series. Send us logline and synopsis only.

SCRIPTS W/ CLOWNS. Canadian Film Director is seeking scripts w/ clowns. Script will be optioned for a 6-month period, w/ a buyout of $25G once script goes into production. ONLY send pitches that fit include or revolve around clowns, NO exceptions.

SCREENPLAY READER. Seeking someone with studio or agency experience to provide 4 pages of detailed analysis on my screenplay. The first script would be LOW pay; however, if I feel your coverage is solid and helpful, I will have you cover my 2nd script for a MUCH higher rate.

SCREENWRITER FOR SHORT. We are looking to create shorts (1 minute), or a mini-series for my start-up company. Genre: Romantic Comedy. You would be in charge of working w/ me on the idea/concept and turning it into a script. This job would be best for someone looking to build his/her portfolio.

SPEC SCREENWRITER. Cinematic, radical flash novel about terror coming to Maui is already published in paperback and e-book. Now I need a partner to write a screenplay that we can submit to Amazon for possible production.

HORROR/SCI-FI SCRIPTS. New Baby Productions is seeking screenplays that could be adapted into comics or graphic novels. Genre: Horror and/or Sci-Fi. Payment will be negotiated w/ interested projects.

SHOESTRING BUDGET SCRIPTS. HOF seeks screenplays that take place in 1 location or at least 90%. We will accept any genre, but please note we prefer horror and thriller. The screenwriter will receive a percentage of the total budget plus profit points. Inquiries should include logline and synopsis.

​SCREENPLAY COVERAGE. I have a screenplay that is set in the 1970’s that follows a true court case in Northern CA. I need a screenplay reader, who is unbiased but understands law, to write professional coverage on my script. I’d prefer someone w/ a background in script reading, rather than “just” a screenwriter. Pay is $200+.

DUTCH SCREENWRITER. French Filmmaker seeks a screenwriter who is both fluent in Dutch and English. The screenwriter will be responsible for translation and helping develop the script. Those based in the Netherlands are preferred first.

BOOK TO SCRIPT. Seeking someone to take a book based on a real story and turn it into a TV script. Must understand TV formatting. Please have experience w/ adaptations. We have 2 studios waiting for finished script, so looking to act fast. Pay is negotiable.

BOOK INTO SCREENPLAY. Seeking a new screenwriter to join our production and help convert a powerful book into a script. We also have an outline and character sheet, as well. Contact Tommie if you would like to join this project:

SHORT FILM SCREENWRITER. I have a story that’s 4 pages. I need the story turned into a short script so I can froward it over to my story board artist. This story is in Farsi language, but I will be translating it for you. Please send me your experience and rate. Genre: Drama. *

SEEKING CO-SCREENWRITER. I am currently working on a script for a feature-length film that I intend on producing in the near future. Screenwriter can be from anywhere, but you must be able to meet up and discuss ideas through either e-mail or Skype. Looking for someone who is seasoned in the industry. This script is a drama that focuses on Vampires.

FANTASY SCREENWRITER. Seeking a co-writer to take my idea and turn it in to a screenplay. Genre: Fantasy, Action. I’m willing to share writing credit, and split percentage points when script is produced. Please send resume and availability.

SCI-FI ADVENTURE SCREENWRITER. Looking to collaborate w/ a screenwriter who understands sci-fi films. Qualified writers should send samples, resume, and brief bio.

COMEDY WRITER. I am looking for a screenwriter who likes my ideas enough to help me improve them with ideas of their own while creating good jokes for the characters as the plot progresses (a weak point in my own writing). I also want someone serious about making the show come to fruition, and willing to help with logistics (it’s set in a life-like cartoon Seattle).

AFRICAN AMERICAN SCREENWRITER. Seeking a screenwriter who can complete a screenplay that has the potential to reach large audiences, festivals, and distribution. Those based in South East Texas will be considered first Pay is based on experience.

REWRITE ON SCREENPLAY. Seeking a screenwriter (with proven credits) who can re-write a script for a moderate rate. The script is gathering dust, and needs a little TLC. Please quote me a rate, and be able to work via Skype and get paid through Pay Pal. The script is a light comedy, featuring a strong male lead.

​HINDI SCRIPTWRITER. Indian Production Company seeks a screenwriter fluent in Hindi and English to collaborate on a feature screenplay. Genre: Drama. Please submit bio and credits. PAID position. Location doesn’t matter.

HORROR SCREENPLAYS. Guild Producer seeks horror scripts. Interested in both concepts and finished scripts. Please send your logline and/or concept via e-mail. If this piques my interest, I will follow up w/ a request for the script. NOTE: Specifically stories that deal with the supernatural (i.e. The Ring, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, The Grudge). I’m not really interested in ‘slasher’ stories, zombies, monsters, or vampires.

SCRIPT, PURCHASE. Hello, I am a new up and coming producer looking for a feature length script to produce this upcoming summer. Feature-length screenplays only. Please put “Script Submission’ in the subject line, and your logline and synopsis in the body of the e-mail. Any genre will be accepted.

TREATMENT SCREENWRITER. Need a screenwriter who has experience writing treatments for video. Please send samples of past treatments for consideration. Also, please put your resume/bio in the body of the e-mail. If your writing matches our needs, we will contact you. NO generic e-mails.Pay TBD. Writer hired will also write full script.

SEEKING INDIE SCRIPTS. Texas producer is seeking indie scripts in the following category: dark dramas, thrillers, & horror. DO NOT send shorts. Seeking a script from a writer w/ some formal training and/or credits. Scripts w/ an affordable budget to shoot will be reviewed first. Send logline/synopsis.

TELEVISION WRITER, LA. Seeking a scriptwriter based in Los Angeles interested/knowledgeable in episodic TV. This comedy series will be airing on TV (arrangements already made). Payment will be sent as soon as you complete the project. Please include your past comedy work, resume, bio, etc.

​SCREENWRITER, SHORTS. GB is seeking a screenwriter to work on a 20 minute short. The script will be shot in Los Angeles, w/ a budget of $20,000. Genre of choice: Comedy. Payment for screenwriter will be paid in increments during the process.

SCREENWRITING COLLABORATION. Genre: Comedy. I need a partner who can help w/ dialogue. I would need you to sign a contract first. I would also be happy to read your work, and provide my input.

SHORT SCRIPT. Seeking a screenwriter to brainstorm with. I am based in New York, so being based in New York is a plus.
This is currently an unpaid position, but the script will be shot and sent to festivals.

SCREENWRITER PARTNER. Seeking a screenwriting partner to collaborate on a TV show idea. The show focuses on LGBT, comedy, and romance. Most of the details are planned out, just need a second pair of eyes. Payment is negotiable, depends on involvement and the work you are willing to do.

​MANDARIN SCREENWRITER. Mandarin screenwriters please submit your resume and cover letter. We also expect that you send writing samples, as well. Please note that we prefer screenwriters based in the UK but will keep other in mind if they are exceptionally well-suited to the project. For more details and submissions, contact the Assistant Producer.

WRITER/SEGMENT PRODUCER. JH is seeking a writer with experience writing reality TV and a clear understanding of format. If this is in your realm of expertise please contact us ASAP. Great pay.