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‘Screenwriting Staffing’ was founded on the belief that EVERY screenwriter deserves to be PAID to CREATE.

There has NEVER been a better time to be a screenwriter. Everyday, from across the world, producers, film-makers, and agents are seeking their next great screenplay and/or dedicated, creative screenwriter.

‘Screenwriting Staffing’ realizes that in today’s market, screenwriting success can be found outside of Hollywood: it can be found all OVER the world! That’s why we cater to OVER 30 different countries a day, w/ 95+ screenwriting “success stories”!

‘Screenwriting Staffing’ offers some wonderful resources to its members:


PAID screenwriting jobs!

DAILY screenplay requests!

FREE screenplay coverage!

RATING system for loglines!

MENTORING for  screenwriters!

FREE screenwriting membership!

DISCOUNTS on screenplay contests, classes, and seminars!

AND, best of all, a safe and productive community to be a “CREATIVE”!

This blog’s sole purpose is to showcase some of the most exciting & informative screenwriting interviews on the web. But if you would like to jump-start your screenwriting career, please visit our homepage! 

Hope to see you there!

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